How does a Craft Party work?
An Easy Peasy Craft Party is just that... Easy!  After you pick a date and a craft, I will provide printed invitations for you to send to your guests.  I will provide a link for each guests to pay ahead of time for the class.  I will also provide a digital invite that you can email your guests as a reminder before the party.  On the day of the party, I will have all the supplies needed for the craft and provide instruction for the craft during you party.

What do I need to do before the party?
You will need to send out invitations, a reminder about the party and the link for payment. You may also want to provide snacks/drinks for your guest to enjoy.  You will want to provide a space for each of your guests to sit at comfortably and an area for me to set up at least one 6ft table for supplies.  Hosts with 10 prepaid party guest will be able to participate in the chosen craft at no charge during their party.  All guests must be prepaid within 24 hours of party.

What if someone wants to pay by check or cash to the party?
Paying by check or cash is absolutely fine.  Just collect the money for the party and let me know at least 24 hours prior to the party.

How do my guests pay online?
Party guests may use the link provided to each host or they may follow the "Pay for my Class" link on the Easy Peasy Craft Party Site.  They will just need to click on your party and follow the link.  I will get a notification of all online payments.

How do I set up a party with Wyld Peas Designs?
You can either email me at wyldpeasdesigns@gmail.com or call 912-656-7492. 

Can I have more than 10 guests?
Yes, you may have more than 10 guests as long as you have the room to provide each guest with ample crafting space =)

Can I have fewer than 10 guests?
Yes, just know that you will pay the party fee as a host unless you have 10 prepaid guests.

Do I have to host a party in my home?
No, not at all.  Many people may choose a meeting room, church, or community center for their party.  However, the host is in charge of locating the room and securing it for the date of your party.

Can I co-host a party?
Absolutely =)  If you would like to go in with a friend, I will gladly divide the "free" credit for 10 or more prepaid guests.

Are refunds given for parties? 
Refunds are not given for Easy Peasy Craft Parties due to the fact the supplies for each class are pre-purchased for your event. 

Who should I invite?
Invite friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors... Anyone! Whether they can craft or not they will have fun!

Do you offer parties for children?
Not at this time, but will by spring 2016.

What if I have a craft in mind that is not listed on the calendar?
Please ask =)  I will be happy to look at the craft and see what the cost would be and if it would work for a party.

Why should I have an Easy Peasy Home Craft Party?
To have FUN!  Whether you are a crafter or not, everyone loves to get together with friends.  It is a great way to unwind, catch up, have a team building activity, or just to explore your creativity!